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It's Time to Smarten Up!

Why is everyone looking scruffy in Little Weave? No parties, no meeting friends and ummmmm… bad hair! The villagers were feeling really messy due to the illness that stopped anyone getting a haircut.

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Let's Play Hide and Seek

Dazzle the Dog wakes up early and opens his curtains to see Little Weave High Street. Things have been very quiet lately for Dazzle, who is the local police officer, as no one can meet, so there’s very little opportunity to be naughty. On his days off Dazzle loves to play hide and seek with friends.
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Staying Happy Whilst Staying Apart

It’s very strange times in Little Weave, an illness has meant that no one can meet up and as everyone lives alone, Button and friends have been finding new ways of having fun.
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The Sun is Shining!

With the sun shining in Little Weave, Cotton the Cat organises a fun party for her friends by the village stream.
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The Snowy Surprise!

Every morning, the first thing Dazzle does is open the curtains and stretch. Today was very different. As he opens the curtains he stops and looks outside again. The buildings and ground all over Little Weave are covered in snow.
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Light up the Night Sky

The 5th November is one of the few days in the year that all of the friends in Little Weave get together. The reason for this is it’s Firework Night.
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A Smashing Good Time!

Every day is great in Little Weave. Button goes downstairs opens the front door and to his surprise a massive Easter Egg is blocking the path.
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The Surprise Visitor at Christmas

Button was so excited when he went to bed, as the following morning was Christmas.
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It's Disco Time at the Manor

Lord Tweed wakes up with a big smile on his face. His crocked yellow teeth are beaming. The reason for this is that today is the monthly disco at Little Weave Manor.
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Pin’s Wet Bus Journey

“I must get up my Lovelies,” Pin says to herself as the sun rises over Little Weave. She worries about the simplest of things.
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There’s a Hole in Cotton’s Roof

Oh dear, Cotton woke up to find a big hole in her shop roof. The thread that had been holding the fabric together for many years snapped.
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Button’s First Adventure

Why don’t you follow Button’s adventure on the Little Weave map. See if you can guess where he is going?

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