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If your children are passionate about writing and drawing, encourage them to put pen to paper and create a short tale to be featured on the Little Weave website. Below you can submit just the story's words or with up to three drawings and a family photo. We can provide black and white pictures of each character that your children can colour in to support their story. Just email us with the request and character's name to .

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It's Time to Smarten Up!

Why is everyone looking scruffy in Little Weave? No parties, no meeting friends and ummmmm… bad hair! The villagers were feeling really messy due to the illness that stopped anyone getting a haircut.
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Let's Play Hide and Seek

Dazzle the Dog wakes up early and opens his curtains to see Little Weave High Street. Things have been very quiet lately for Dazzle, who is the local police officer, as no one can meet, so there’s very little opportunity to be naughty. On his days off Dazzle loves to play hide and seek with friends.
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Staying Happy Whilst Staying Apart

It’s very strange times in Little Weave, an illness has meant that no one can meet up and as everyone lives alone, Button and friends have been finding new ways of having fun.

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