The Snowy Surprise!

Submitted 20th of December 2019
Graeme Rowe from Oxford

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The Snowy Surprise!

A loud ring from an alarm clock wakes Dazzle the Dog at 7 o’clock, same time he gets up every morning. This was a gift from Cotton many years ago. Gifts from her are always really old. Every day Dazzle has to wind up the clock with a key otherwise it will stop working. He is very fond of the alarm clock as it is reliable and always keeps good time.

Every morning, the first thing Dazzle does is open the curtains and stretch. Today was very different. As he opens the curtains he stops and looks outside again. The buildings and ground all over Little Weave are covered in snow. Dazzle is shocked as the weather forecast did not mention any snow. If he didn’t know about the snow then the other villagers didn’t know either.

“Right, I need to get a move on”, Dazzle says with an assertive voice.

As the Little Weave Police Officer, he must make sure everyone is safe. He makes the bed, has a wash, brushes his teeth and has breakfast of apples with yoghurt.

The snow would have made it really cold outside, so Dazzle wears his thick police coat, scarf, hat, gloves and snow boots. Wearing the right footwear is important, as he doesn’t want to slip over!

Lord Tweed is the oldest person living in Little Weave. Dazzle always visits him first to make sure he is warm and has food. Dazzle leaves the police station on Little Weave High Street and walks towards Little Weave Manor. It’s too dangerous to drive anywhere as the roads are slippery. On route Dazzle passes Cord the farmer. Cord is outside searching for something in his barn.

“Morning Cord, the snow was a big surprise, wasn’t it?”

“It was indeed! I’m trying to find the snow plough that I can attach to my tractor and clear the roads,” Cord replies.

Unfortunately, Cord is very messy and always has trouble finding things. As it hasn’t snowed in Little Weave for years, he has forgotten where he put the plough!

“Clearing the snow off the roads would be Tip Top Cord,” Dazzle responds with a big smile. “Thank you for helping the villagers Cord, they will really appreciate it.”

Cord puts a thumb up to Dazzle as he continues his search for the snow plough.

Dazzle walks up the long driveway to Little Weave Manor. As he climbs the steps to the large front door he can see Lord Tweed through the window practicing his disco dancing. Dazzle uses the large door knocker to get Lord Tweed’s attention. The loud BANG can be heard all over Little Weave Manor.

Lord Tweed shuffles to the front door and greets Dazzle, “How are you Officer, it’s bitterly cold outside, come inside and warm up.”

“I’m well thank you Lord Tweed, I was just calling in to make sure you were warm enough and had food to last until the snow melts,” Dazzle replies.

“Oh, that’s so kind. I have the fire lit in the library and plenty of food. Would you like a hot drink?” Lord Tweed asks Dazzle.

“That would be lovely Lord Tweed.”

Lord Tweed makes Dazzle a nice mug of hot chocolate. They both chat for a while and when Dazzle has finished his drink, he bids Lord Tweed farewell and leaves the manor.

As he passes Little Weave farm he can see the road is now clear. Cord must have found his snow plough and attached it to his tractor.

“What a Tip Top chap Cord is,” Dazzle says out loud.

When Dazzle reaches Patch’s house he can hear lots of laughter and happy talking. It’s not coming from the Patch’s place though, but it must be nearby.

“Argh, everyone is there,” announces Dazzle.

In the middle of the bus station, school and Button’s house is Little Weave pond. All of the villagers have gathered around and are playing in the snow. Cord has parked his tractor and is throwing snow balls at everyone whilst saying poetry in a booming voice. Stitch, Button and Hemmy are making a snowman. They are rolling snowballs so they get bigger and bigger. They then put the large snow balls on top of one other to make the snowman’s body. The snowman is so big they have to ask Cord and Patch for help picking them up. Typical Patch, he tripped over and dropped one of the large snowballs, which meant they had to start rolling a new one.

Pin has opened the large doors to the bus station and set up a table to give everyone a hot drink. Cotton has bought lots of corn on the cob from her shop that she is cooking over hot coals. Everyone takes a break from playing and has a hot drink and corn to warm up.

Dazzle is really happy to see everyone enjoying the snow and wrapping up warm so they don’t get cold. After eating, the villagers helped finish the Little Weave snowman. Patch was asked to be extra careful as he nearly knocked it over several times. Button gave Pearl a large carrot, who used it to make the snowman’s nose. Two large stones were used for eyes and small stones created the smile. Cotton gave an old hat and scarf to add the finishing touches.

One of the ducks from the pond took a liking to the snowman and made itself comfortable on its hat at which point everyone burst out laughing.

The playing continued for a while until it started to get dark. Dazzle knew everyone had had fun and it was time to go home and warm up. He asked all the villagers to make their way home being careful not to slip over as it would be icy on the roads when it was dark. The villagers all respect Dazzle and after saying goodbye to each other headed home.

Dazzle walked back to the High Street with Hemmy, Cotton and Stitch. He wished them a fond farewell and pleasant evening as he opened the door to the police station. As he removed his snow boots and coat, he thought of Lord Tweed and how he missed all of the fun. To make sure Lord Tweed was ok, Dazzle phoned him as his last duty of the day. Lord Tweed was fine and had enjoyed the day in front of a roaring fire in the library reading a book on antiques. Dazzle spent a while telling Lord Tweed about the snowman and all of the fun the villagers had that day and especially how he was missed. Lord Tweed thanked Dazzle and told him that on a day like this he is much better off at home in the warm.

Dazzle had a nice hot bath after dinner and fell asleep reading a book on the Natural History Museum in London. He knew his trusty alarm clock would wake him at exactly 7 o’clock the next morning.

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