Light up the Night Sky

Submitted 4th of November 2019
Author Graeme Rowe from Oxford

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Light up the Night Sky

The 5th November is one of the few days in the year that all of the friends in Little Weave get together. The reason for this is it’s Firework Night… “WHOOPEE”, shouts Button as he gets out of bed. He rushes to get ready and runs all the way to Little Weave Manor.

When he arrives Patch the Builder and Cord the Farmer are already stacking wood to make the bonfire. Little Weave Manor is the only place in Little Weave big enough to hold the event.

“Hello young Button”, Patch chuckles as he welcomes Button.

“I’m so excited”, Button replies with a grin on his face.

Lord Tweed waves from the Manor House and offers everyone hot chocolate to keep them warm.

Cord is the only person in the village who can set up and run a firework display, this is due to fireworks being very dangerous to use.

“I’ll set up the fireworks, if you and Button finish the bonfire”, says Cord to Patch.

“Sounds perfect”, replies Patch as he trips over one of the logs! Button helps him back to his feet and they both chuckle.

It takes the rest of the morning to get the firework night ready. When finished, Patch, Cord and Button say goodbye to Lord Tweed and all climb on board Cord’s tractor for the drive back to Patch’s farmhouse for lunch.

As the sunsets over Little Weave all the friends wrap up in warm clothes and make their way to Little Weave Manor. Waiting for them is the smiling crooked teeth of Lord Tweed. “Welcome, welcome”, he greets everyone.

Lord Tweed is a great host and offers everyone their favourite food. He also starts the music and dances on the driveway, showing everyone his new moves.

“You want to be careful Lord Tweed, we don’t want any injuries”, Stitch laughs as she encourages Lord Tweed with loud clapping hands. Stitch also has the job of first aid at the firework night, just in case there are any accidents.

“LET THE FUN BEGIN”, shouts Cord as he lights the fire. All of his friends gather around staying behind the roped off area to be safe.

The fire roars into life and Cord roasts marshmallows on sticks and shares them with his friends.

After everyone’s bellies are full, Cord disappears into the distance. Then all of a sudden WHOOOSH, a loud bang and brightly coloured fireworks light up the night sky.

“OOOOOOOO”, the friends look up with mouths wide open.

The firework display lasts for 20 minutes with pops, bangs and every colour in the rainbow lighting up the night sky.

When Cord appears from the darkness everyone thanks him and Button gives him a big hug saying, “ That was the best firework display we have ever had.”

As it’s getting cold and late friends leave together thanking Lord Tweed for yet another great event.

Cord and Patch stay to make sure the fire is safe before leaving.

As soon as Button gets home, he brushes his teeth and goes to bed smiling, remembering the colourful fireworks. He soon falls asleep. 

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