The Surprise Visitor at Christmas

Submitted 24th of December 2017
Asua and Graeme Rowe from Oxford

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The Surprise Visitor at Christmas

Button was so excited when he went to bed, as the following morning was Christmas. This is the one day in the year that Button jumps out of bed and runs straight downstairs without washing and tidying up his bedroom.

When he saw what was under the Christmas tree, Button jumped up and down with joy and skipped all over the house. Button knows that if he is good all year Father Christmas will bring him lots of presents. And this year, he must have been very good.

A Christmas tradition is for Button to open his presents with his neighbours, Pin and Pearl. He really wants to open the presents before they arrive, but he knows they will be upset. Button sits down and stares at the clock on the mantelpiece. Before long the clock chimes for 9 o’clock and the doorbell rings. Pin and Pearl are waiting at the door smiling and both say at the same time, “Merry Christmas Button.”

Button replies, “Merry Christmas Pin and Pearl, how are you?”

“We are fine Button,” they both reply. “We are really excited to see what Father Christmas has bought you.”

All three of them settle down in the lounge. Button can’t wait to open his presents.

“Which one are you going to open first Button,” asks Pearl.

“I think this one,” as Button reaches for the large red box with green ribbon and bow. He rips off the wrapping paper to reveal a new skipping rope.

“Whoopee!” shouts Button. This is exactly what I wanted. My old skipping rope was starting to fall apart as I was skipping too much.

After all of his presents are opened, Button says to Pin and Pearl how lucky and grateful he is to have so many wonderful gifts. What other presents do you think Button received from Father Christmas?

Another Little Weave tradition is for all of the villagers to gather in the school hall for a party. Pearl has been preparing the event for weeks. On Christmas Eve she was joined by Cord and Stitch to decorate the hall. Cord bought a wonderful fabric Christmas tree on his tractor. It was so big, the three of them struggled to carry it into the hall. Once it was in place they all hung the tree lights, tinsel and decorations. Cord had to be very careful not to fall off his ladder when putting the star on top of the tree.

“Marvelous, I’m glad that is sorted,” said Cord.

The rest of the hall was decorated with fairy lights, tinsel and holly. In the centre of the room was a long table where everyone would sit for Christmas dinner. The table was covered in a bright red tablecloth, crackers and streamers.

Pin and Pearl hugged Button as they said goodbye. They had to go to the school hall to get the food ready for the party. Button ran upstairs made his bed, washed and brushed his teeth. Every year for the party, he puts on his special snowman Christmas jumper.

At midday everyone started to arrive at the party. As the school is quite a long way from Little Weave Manor, Patch drove Lord Tweed in his crane. Lord Tweed always enjoys the ride, bumping up and down and gasping every time Patch nearly hits something.

It wasn’t long before the hall was full. Everyone was dressed in their favourite Christmas outfit. Cord wore his really old Father Christmas hat that has holes in it and was missing the white bobble on the top. Cotton was wearing a traditional fairy outfit. But the prize for the best dressed has to go to Stitch and her Christmas onesie on that lit up every time she moved.

The Christmas table looked wonderful with plates of everyone’s favourite food. Can you remember what Button and friends enjoy eating?

When all of the guests were seated at the table, it was time for Lord Tweed to say a few words to welcome everyone and talk about the highlights of the year. He cleared his throat and started, “Friends, it’s wonderful to be here with all of you on this joyous occasion. I have been attending these Christmas parties for many years. This one is as wonderful as all of the others. A big thank you to Pearl for her hard work and well done to the rest of you for helping to make this party so special.”

Lord Tweed’s speech went on for quite a while as it usually does. He talked about his new antiques, how everyone had helped each other throughout the year and how lucky they are to live in Little Weave. Soon tummies were rumbling and Cord was dribbling, as he was so hungry. But Lord Tweed must be allowed to finish his talk before the eating starts.

Lord Tweed finishes with a loud, “Let’s eat!”

At which point everyone grabs their favourite food and starts eating. Button is the first to ask Dazzle to pull his cracker, which he gratefully accepts. The hall is soon full of loud bangs as the crackers are being pulled. Those who do not already have something on their head wear the fabric hats in the crackers. Laughter starts as the cracker jokes are read out to the table. The best joke was Hemmy’s, “Why are Christmas trees very bad at knitting? Because they always drop their needles!” Everyone roared with laughter.

Lord Tweed shouted out, “That’s spiffing!”

Dazzle followed this with a loud, “Tip Top!”

The party was now in full swing. The friends were eating and laughing.

Button said, “This is why I love Christmas, spending fun times with my lovely friends.”

The food was soon finished and everyone rubbed their tummies. Button was jumping up and down again as he knew after dinner there would be presents. The laughter was interrupted by a loud knock at the door.

“Who could it be?” asked Dazzle. He got up and opened the front door. “Tip Top, it’s Father Christmas. Welcome to the Little Weave Christmas party.”

“HO, HO, HO, it’s great to be here,” replied Father Christmas.

This year as a special surprise to the village, Father Christmas stopped by on his way back to Lapland.

“It’s been a long night but I had to come and bring you all a special gift.”

The room was silent, everyone was speechless and didn’t know what to say. The quiet was broken by a very loud, “Whoppee!” from Button.

“That’s the spirit Button,” Father Christmas said with a smiling face. “Right, who wants to open their present first?”

Button pointed at Pearl. Everyone nodded and agreed as she had organised the party. Pearl was embarrassed but accepted her friend’s choice.

Father Christmas handed Pearl a beautifully wrapped present in gold and silver paper. She opened it to reveal a pretty wooden box containing a new painting set.

“Oh, that’s so wonderful Father Christmas, thank you,” said Pearl as she hugged him.

Next was Patch who received a model kit of Little Weave Manor. Lord Tweed said quietly to Patch, “I look forward to seeing that when it’s finished.”

Stitch’s present was a new telescope to study the stars and Dazzle opened a box to reveal a snorkel for swimming under water. Can you guess what Father Christmas gave the others?

Once all of the presents were opened, Father Christmas yawned and said, “It’s time we headed home, the reindeer and I have had a long night and we need to eat and rest.”

Father Christmas had a snack before he headed home. Whilst he was eating, Button went outside and gave the reindeer carrots and water. Rudolph showed his thanks by flashing his bright red nose.

The whole village stood outside and waved at Father Christmas as he took off in his sleigh. As he passed over the school he let out a booming, “HO, HO, HO, Merry Christmas Little Weave.”

“How spiffing was that,” said Lord Tweed.

It had been a wonderful Christmas, but soon the day would turn to night. Hemmy asked her friends to help tidy up the hall. It didn’t take long for the room to look like new. Stitch asked everyone to wear their coats, hats and scarves for the journey home so they didn’t catch a cold. Dazzle walked with Stitch, Hemmy and Cotton to Little Weave High Street, Patch gave Lord Tweed a fright or two on the drive back to Little Weave manor in his crane. Button and Pin had a short trip home, with Button skipping all the way. Cord entertained himself with one of his favourite poems on the walk to his farm.

Pearl was overwhelmed with joy that the party was a success and especially that Father Christmas had made a special visit. She relaxed for a while before going to bed. The party planning had made her anxious, but now it was all over she could sleep without any worries.  

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