Our Story

Dear Friends,

In 2020 the World changed for us all beyond recognition. Everyone has had to adapt, primarily to be safe and healthy by staying at home. We hope Little Weave will help a little bit through the enjoyment of reading stories and creating stories with your little ones to be published on this website.

We have not had the chance to develop Little Weave as we originally intended due to work commitments and a gorgeous baby girl. However we are now committed to writing new stories each week and publishing your own stories based on the Little Weave characters.

Our ambition is still the same for Little Weave, to build a community dedicated to bringing enjoyment to children through creating and sharing stories.

The sewing theme for Little Weave was conceived during a trip to Thailand many years ago. A stall in a Bangkok market provided the inspiration for the hand sewn elements of the merchandise. Little Weave features buildings made of textiles, zips for doors and button shaped windows. The landscape has fabric fields, roads and trees. In fact the theme runs through every aspect of Little Weave.

The merchandise is manufactured in Northern Thailand. The company provides flexibility for workers to sew in a small commercial unit that is part of the owner’s house or work from home. This allows the team to work around tending their farms or looking after their children or elderly relatives.

Hopefully your children will love the stories and characters as well as the merchandise, which funds the site, allowing us to build a community passionate about building a happier world.

Special thanks goes to Piyanooch (merchandise), Ana (designer), Dan and Ed (www.thisistheroot.com).

New Stories

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It's Time to Smarten Up!

Why is everyone looking scruffy in Little Weave? No parties, no meeting friends and ummmmm… bad hair! The villagers were feeling really messy due to the illness that stopped anyone getting a haircut.
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Let's Play Hide and Seek

Dazzle the Dog wakes up early and opens his curtains to see Little Weave High Street. Things have been very quiet lately for Dazzle, who is the local police officer, as no one can meet, so there’s very little opportunity to be naughty. On his days off Dazzle loves to play hide and seek with friends.

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