Our Story

Dear Friends,

Our ambition for Little Weave is to build a community dedicated to educating children through sharing stories that have underlying objectives of making our children brighter, healthier and more polite by instilling old fashion values on how to treat people.

The sewing theme for Little Weave was conceived during a trip to Thailand. A stall in a Bangkok market provided the inspiration for the hand sewn elements of the merchandise. Little Weave features buildings made of textiles, zips for doors and button shaped windows. The landscape has fabric fields, roads and trees. In fact the theme runs through every aspect of Little Weave.

The merchandise is manufactured in Northern Thailand. The company provides flexibility for workers to sew in a small commercial unit that is part of the owner’s house or work from home. This allows the team to work around tending their farms or looking after children or elderly relatives.

We will publish stories on the site on a regular basis and hope you enjoy them. Our aim is to improve by practice and learning from other people contributing tales.

Hopefully your children will love the stories and characters as well as the merchandise, which funds the site, allowing us to build a community passionate about building a better world.

Special thanks goes to Piyanooch, Ana, Paul, Dan, Ed and Don.

New Stories

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Light up the Night Sky

The 5th November is one of the few days in the year that all of the friends in Little Weave get together. The reason for this is it’s Firework Night.
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A Smashing Good Time!

Every day is great in Little Weave. He goes downstairs opens the front door and to his surprise a massive Easter Egg is blocking the path.

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