It's Disco Time at the Manor

Submitted 7th of September 2017
Graeme Rowe from Oxford

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Lord Tweed wakes up with a big smile on his face. His crocked yellow teeth are beaming. The reason for this is that today is the monthly disco at Little Weave Manor.

It takes Lord Tweed a while to get out of bed as his old fabric and stitching need time to loosen up. Poor Lord Tweed, he’s the oldest person in Little Weave, but he doesn’t let his aches and pains stop him from enjoying life. His family has lived in the manor for hundreds of years. You can see this as his family portraits are on the walls in every room.

It takes Lord Tweed an hour to get washed and dressed. He walks slowly down the big winding staircase to the kitchen where he has his favourite breakfast of mango. Lord Tweed fell in love with the fruit on his travels to the Far East. He has had a very privileged life and has travelled to all 7 continents. Look at a map and see if you can find all 7!

Lord Tweed is a great host and this is one of the reasons everyone in the village comes to his monthly disco. It’s also a good way for the villagers to see each other to catch up on what’s going on. The only other way is to visit Hemmy the hairdresser, the village chatterbox.

Part of being a good host is offering good food. Lord Tweed phones Cotton in her shop, “Good morning Cotton, how are you?”

Cotton recognises Lord Tweed’s posh voice and replies, “I’m very well thank you Lord Tweed, I hope you’re well?”

“I’m old and creaky but still enjoying life,” Lord Tweed responds with a laugh. Lord Tweed orders everyone’s favourite food – strawberries, corn, grapes, potatoes, peas, avocado, broccoli, peaches, grapefruit and tomatoes. Cotton tells Lord Tweed she will bring the food with her later on.

The next thing to arrange is the room. Lord Tweed always holds the disco in the grand hall, and what a grand place it is! The walls are lined with pillars and in between the pillars are the paintings of Lord Tweed’s family. He always jokes with people about how ugly his relatives were. Hanging from the ceiling is a large disco ball that sparkles when it is lit. Lord Tweed shuffles chairs around to create some social spaces so people can talk when they are not dancing. He also gets the tables ready for the food. Most importantly he goes through his record collection to choose the music he will play tonight. Lord Tweed is a big fan of 70’s disco and modern pop music.

It’s getting close to when everyone will arrive. To get warmed up and practice his dance moves, Lord Tweed winds-up his large gramophone. The speaker is enormous and plays the music really loud. He starts his warm up with a few side-to-side steps but soon he is moonwalking and doing robot dance moves. Lord Tweed spends many hours in front of the large mirror in the grand hall perfecting his dancing.

Everyone arrives on Pin’s bus. For once she is on time and seems happy. All of her passengers are laughing and a bit bruised after the journey, as Pin’s bus has oval shaped wheels that make each journey bumpy.

Patch offers to carry the box of food from Cotton’s shop. On leaving the bus he trips on the step and the box flies high into the air. The food goes all over Lord Tweed’s driveway. Cotton rolls her eyes and helps Patch back to his feet. “Are you OK Patch?” she asks.

“Oh, not again, why am I soooo clumsy,” Patch replies in a sad voice.

Little Weave residents are a helpful bunch and soon everyone runs around and collects the food. Cord takes over carrying the box of food into the manor. He takes it to the kitchen where it’s washed and put onto plates for people to eat.

“LET’S GET DANCING,” shouts Lord Tweed. Everyone quickly finishes their food and makes their way to the grand hall. Lord Tweed winds the handle on the gramophone and plays the first record. As soon as the music starts everyone moves onto the dance floor. Button skips around the hall shouting, “Whoopee!” Pearl pirouettes showing off her ballet skills. Patch and Cord keep bumping into each other and laughing loudly everytime this happens. Cord is eating at the same time as dancing and leaves a trail of food behind him. The star of the show is Lord Tweed who takes up his usual position in the centre of the dance floor and shows off some groovy moves.

After a few songs he has everyone around him clapping and shouting encouragement. He demonstrates a few new moves that he has been practicing for weeks. Cotton takes photos using her old fashioned camera with a wind-on film. As the brightly coloured flash goes off it makes people stop and rub their eyes.

The disco dance is a great success and as with the previous events, Lord Tweed yet again is best dancer. Before it gets too late, Stitch gets everyone back on to the bus. It takes a while to leave, as people have to search the manor for Pin’s glasses. Stitch has to calm her down before she can drive. Button gives Lord Tweed a big hug before boarding the bus. A loud, “Thank you Lord Tweed,” is followed by everyone waving from the bus as Pin puts it in gear and silently moves off. Patch bumps his head as the bus bobs up and down. He chuckles everytime this happens.

Lord Tweed waves from the steps of the manor until he can no longer see the bus and shuts the large front door behind him with a loud ‘BANG’, and turns the lock to secure the manor for the night. He decides to tidy up the grand hall in the morning as he is now very tired following a long dance. Lord Tweed knows he will be stiff when he wakes up but climbs into bed and very quickly falls asleep.

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