It's Time to Smarten Up!

Submitted 17th of November 2020
Written by Graeme Rowe and Fab picture by Sade from Essex

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Why is everyone looking scruffy in Little Weave? No parties, no meeting friends and ummmmm… bad hair! The villagers were feeling really messy due to the illness that stopped anyone getting a haircut. Hemmy the Hen had to close her hairdressers for a long time. This is where the village gossip happens. Being shut meant no one knew what was going on. Now things are much better and Hemmy can open again, Hurrah!

Hemmy’s friends couldn’t wait to see her, not for the gossip but to get a trim. They were fed up with DIY haircuts using anything that came to hand. This was the only way to stop hair going crazy.

One by one Hemmy cut the hair of her friends until they all looked lovely again. Before starting each cut, she took photos of how everyone looked and had them framed and hung on the wall. This caused much laughter.

When times are hard, it’s important to make do and focus on basic things! Haircuts can wait.

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