Pin’s Wet Bus Journey

Submitted 5th of September 2017
Asua Rowe from Oxford

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“I must get up my Lovelies,” Pin says to herself as the sun rises over Little Weave. She worries about the simplest of things. Today Pin is driving her bus around the village to help anyone in Little Weave who needs a lift.

As Pin has her breakfast of peaches, it starts to rain. This makes her hurry, as Pin knows her Little Weave friends will rely on her to give them a lift so they don’t get wet.

She rushes to get ready and leaves the house. Pin climbs on board the bright red fabric bus and wonders why things appear blurry. Can you guess why? Well, Pin’s eyesight is not very good and she wears thick spectacles that make her eyes look ENORMOUS. Pin soon realises she has left them in the bus station. She runs back through the brightly coloured flowers in her garden. It takes a while to find her spectacles, as Pin cannot remember where she left them.

“I hope the day gets better,” she says boarding the bus for the second time.

As she climbs on board the bus, Pin remembers she has left the bus keys in the kitchen, so again she runs back through the garden to collect them. Pin stops and takes a breath and cleans the rain off her spectacles. A tap-tap on the bus window is followed by a happy, “Hello Pin, how are you today?” Button is peering through the bus window and he is soaked through.

“Oh quickly my lovely get on the bus and dry your self,” Pin ushers Button onto the bus.

“Thank you Pin, that’s really thoughtful,” Button replies.

“Where are you off to today Button,” asks Pin.

“Oh, I need to visit Stitch in the hospital and fix my arm.” Button holds it up and shows Pin the rip. Everything in Little Weave is material. When anyone hurts themselves they rip their fabric.

“Oh my Lovely, that must really hurt, how did you do it?” asks Pin. Button responds with a smile by telling Pin that he was over ambitious with a jump whilst playing hopscotch and fell over.

“You must be more careful,” Pin tells Button as she starts the bus. Pin loves nature and to help protect the environment she owns an electric bus. But being Little Weave it’s no ordinary bus. The wheels are all different sizes and oval shaped. This makes for an interesting ride as each corner of the bus moves up and down as the bus drives along. Button always enjoys riding in Pin’s bus, as each journey is an adventure. Pin puts the bus into gear and moves away silently. The only noise is Button laughing as he bounces up and down on the seat.

Pin has been driving the bus for years and she soon passes Patch’s house and into Little Weave High Street. She drives slowly down the busy road as the wet weather makes it harder to see out of the windows and the road more slippery. As Pin approaches the hospital she rings the bell to let Button know they have nearly arrived.

Stitch opens the door to the hospital and greets Button with a massive hug. Stitch’s woolen coat makes her hugs really nice. Pin and Stitch wave at each other and Pin shouts from the bus, “Button, I will wait for you to finish and drop you home so you don’t get wet.”

Stitch agrees with Pin with an enthusiastic, “That’s tickerty boo.”

After a few stitches using a needle and thread, Button is as good as new. “Be more careful in future Button,” Stitch says as she caringly touches Button’s shoulder.

“I will try Stitch,” Button replies with a sigh.

“All aboard,” Pin bellows out from the bus.

“I’m coming,” Button says quietly to Pin as he boards the bus. To distract Button away from his injury, Pin tells him that she walked by the river whilst he was in the hospital.

“I saw the most beautiful butterflies,” explains Pin.

“Oh how wonderful that is Pin,” Button replies. “Did you catch any?” asks Button.

Pin answers with a stern, “NOOOOO!” “You must never hurt any living creature or take them away from their families.” Pin is a lover of nature and wants to keep the countryside unspoilt.

Button is very quiet on the journey home apart from bouncing up and down as the odd shaped wheels turn round and round. As they approach Button’s house the rain stops and the sun appears creating a beautiful colourful rainbow spanning the whole of Little Weave. “Thank you,” Button tells Pin with his head down.

“Oh Button, my lovely, I didn’t mean to shout at you, I’m sorry,” Pin hugs Button as he leaves the bus. “Sleep well Button,” are Pin’s farewell words.

As Pin drives back to the bus station she thinks hard about how she spoke to Button and kicks herself for making him sad. But then she says, “He must learn to look after the countryside and the creatures that live there.” She parks the bus, plugs it in to the electric socket to charge the batteries and goes inside for dinner of cauliflower followed by peaches. A hectic, stressful start to the day ended up turning into a fun adventure and she was happy she could help Button. As she was relaxed it didn’t take long for Pin to fall asleep. 

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