The Sun is Shining!

Submitted 14th of May 2020
Asua Rowe from Oxford

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Little Weave is wonderful when it’s sunny. Cotton the Cat wakes up to the sun shining through the holes in her old curtains. It puts a big smile on her face.

After a yummy breakfast of corn, Cotton calls her friends and invites them to a picnic by Little Weave stream. Everyone agrees this is a fantastic idea.

Stitch the Sheep lives next door to the stream, so she creates a fun picnic area in her back garden. Cotton arrives first and brings lots of lovely things to eat from her shop. Soon the whole village has gathered by the stream and the party begins. Cotton blows bubbles and Button the Rabbit is skipping with Patch the Pig who keeps falling over the rope and crashing to the ground. He laughs loudly every time he gets up.

Everyone has a fun jolly time, but makes sure their delicate material is protected from the sun.

As the sun sets over Little Weave, the party ends and everyone apart from Lord Tweed, who can’t bend over very well, tidies up. He was disco dancing most of the afternoon which has made his muscles ache! The villagers keep Little Weave as tidy as possible.

Cotton returns home and eats some delicious corn and pears before heading to bed and falls asleep dreaming of the fun picnic.

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