Staying Happy Whilst Staying Apart

Submitted 18th of June 2020
Graeme Rowe from Oxford

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It’s very strange times in Little Weave, an illness has meant that no one can meet up and as everyone lives alone, Button and friends have been finding new ways of having fun.

One of the first activities in the morning is go out for a walk to Little Weave Manor to make sure Lord Tweed doesn’t need any help or food. Button skips and shouts, “Whoppee”, on his trip. The rest of the village take a more leisurely stroll. Even when passing each other, everybody stays apart so they don’t get ill. But they do talk to each other at a distance, sharing stories and jokes. As Lord Tweed can’t move very well, apart from his disco moves on the dance floor, he is happy to see his friends.

If anyone does feel unwell, it is up to Stitch the nurse to look after them in the village hospital. She wears special clothing so she doesn’t get ill herself. Luckily no one has fallen ill in Little Weave as they have behaved themselves and stayed apart. No one has had a visit from Dazzle the police officer reminding them of the new rules.

There are many activities being carried out from quizzes over video conference, singing from back gardens, sharing food grown in back gardens by placing it around the village pond where everyone can take what they need. At times like this it’s important to stay healthy, have a positive mind so when things get back to normal everyone will be around to see it.

Remember to keep your distance to protect those that you love!

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