There’s a Hole in Cotton’s Roof

Submitted 4th of September 2017
Author Asua Rowe and fantastic drawing by Katharine from Londonderry

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Oh dear, Cotton woke up to find a big hole in her shop roof. The thread that had been holding the fabric together for many years snapped. It was time to call Patch the builder. Cotton called him on her old style phone and asked Patch to come to her shop straight away.

The worst thing you can ask Patch to do is rush. As soon as he finishes the phone call with Cotton, he falls over a chair in his living room. CRASH! The whole house shook as Patch hits the floor. He picks himself up, brushes the dust off his clothes and gathers together his tool bag. This contains a very large needle, strong thick thread and a large pair of scissors. Everything you need to fix fabric buildings in Little Weave.

Patch puts the tool bag into his crane and starts the engine. “Right we’re off.”  As he drives off, he knocks over the fence in his garden. “Not again,” sighs Patch. “That’s the third time this month.” Patch is very clumsy and this always creates more broken things that need to be fixed.

Patch drives down Little Weave High Street and stops outside Cotton’s shop. She is peering through the window waiting for him to arrive. “Thank goodness you’re here Patch, I’m so worried about the shop roof,” says Cotton.

“Don’t worry my dear, I will have it fixed in a jiffy,” Patch replies in a confident manner.

Patch enters the shop and as he turns around to talk to Cotton he knocks over a large display of tins. They make an almighty noise as they hit the floor and roll all over the shop. Cotton says to him, “Oh Patch, please be careful, that display took me ages to build.

Patch lowers his head and says, “Sorry.”

“Nevermind Patch,” Cotton says. She puts her arm on his shoulder to comfort him.  “Let’s focus on getting the roof fixed and sort the tins out later.” Patch is very careful taking his tool bag upstairs.

The split in the roof is easy to see. It is where the Little Weave sun is shining through a rip in the fabric. Patch opens his tool bag and takes out the large needle and thread. It takes him a while to thread the needle as he is still worrying about the mess he made in the shop. Once the needle and thread are ready, the rip is fixed with a few stitches.

Patch ties off the thread so it doesn’t come undone and shouts downstairs to Cotton, “It’s all fixed now.”

Patch clears up the mess he made fixing the rip and creeps very carefully down stairs making sure he doesn’t knock anything over. At the same time the shop door opens and Button comes in. “Oh no what has happened,” Button asks about the tins all over the floor.

“I had a little accident,” replies Patch. Button looks at him and without saying anything starts to pick up the tins. It doesn’t take long for Button and Patch to rebuild the display.

“Thank you Button and Patch, that is so kind of you,” says grateful Cotton.

To thank them for tidying up the shop and Patch for fixing the roof, Cotton prepares her favourite meal of corn and pears. Patch is very hungry and eats three portions. After eating, Cotton entertains Button and Patch by making bubbles in the garden. They both enjoy chasing the bubbles until they pop. Patch falls over a few times but there’s very little he can break outside.

Cotton thanks them both for their help and says loudly as they leave the shop, “Ta Ta!” Patch drives off in his crane, smiling following a good day.

Button shouts, “Whoopee,” as he skips home.

Cotton can now relax after her roof is fixed and return to having her shop neat and tidy.

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