Let's Play Hide and Seek

Submitted 17th of November 2020
Written by Graeme with a great supporting drawing by Seun from Essex

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Dazzle the Dog wakes up early and opens his curtains to see Little Weave High Street. Things have been very quiet lately for Dazzle, who is the local police officer, as no one can meet, so there’s very little opportunity to be naughty.

On his days off Dazzle loves to play hide and seek with friends. This has been difficult lately as no one can get closer than 2 meters. “BUT, but, but”, Dazzle says. “We could change how we play, we just need a big open space.” Dazzle calls Lord Tweed the Goat to ask if his manor garden could be used for a game. Lord Tweed agrees straight away.

It doesn’t take long for Dazzle to call his friends and they are all excited to meet outside the front of Little Weave manor. Everyone arrives and settles following Pin the Pony flapping about what to wear and Patch to Pig hitting the manor’s entrance gate with his crane on the way in. Dazzle explains the new way of playing hide and seek where everyone hides and if the catcher sees you, you’re out.

Everyone runs and hides, apart from Lord Tweed who can’t run due to old age and creaking bones. Dazzle counts to 30 and shouts, “I’m coming to find you.” He starts his search around the trees and then the stream. This is Dazzle’s favourite game and it doesn’t take long for him to find everyone. All of his friends take a turn and have a wonderful time.

Everyone needed to have some fun. Dazzle returns home and eats apples and peas before snuggling up in bed with a big smile on his face. Goodnight Dazzle, sweet dreams.

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