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Every item in our shop is made from 100% cotton and features the Little Weave characters that our community has helped develop through storytelling. The characters on the merchandise are made by hand using a process of cutting out shapes and sewing onto the fabric. The quilting elements are also hand sewn. This range is exclusive to Little Weave and the limited availability makes for a unique colourful gift for your child.

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Characters image
Characters image
Cushion covers
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Small Bags


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Light up the Night Sky

The 5th November is one of the few days in the year that all of the friends in Little Weave get together. The reason for this is it’s Firework Night.
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A Smashing Good Time!

Every day is great in Little Weave. He goes downstairs opens the front door and to his surprise a massive Easter Egg is blocking the path.
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The Surprise Visitor at Christmas

Button was so excited when he went to bed, as the following morning was Christmas.

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