Button’s First Adventure

Submitted 1st of September 2017
Author Graeme Rowe from Oxford and awesome drawing by Katharine from Londonderry

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Why don’t you follow Button’s adventure on the Little Weave map. See if you can guess where he is going.

I will tell you a secret; Little Weave is no ordinary place. Can you guess why? Well, everything is made from sewing material (fabric, buttons, zips cord etc.) - from the houses, roads, trees, flowers and fields. And holding the material together are stitches. The same as the clothes you wear!

The sun is shining brightly. Button wakes up, stretches and shouts, “WHOOPEE!” Button loves every day in Little Weave. But today is the weekend and he loves visiting friends and exploring!

But the first thing on Button’s mind is his tummy and he says with a big smile, “My favourite meal of the day is breakfast.”

What do you think Button eats? Well, Button eats all sorts of things, but today it’s strawberries. Yum yum! It doesn’t take long for Button to eat them. Afterwards he makes sure he brushes his teeth and then makes the bed.

 “Today I’m going to visit everyone in the village.” He says as he closes his front door.

“Right, off I go,” says Button leaving the garden. Button doesn’t like moving slowly - skipping is faster and much more fun.  Button waves at the ducks as he passes by the Little Weave pond. They reply with a loud, “Quack, quack.”

Pin is Button’s closest neighbour, she is very short sighted even with her thick spectacles, which make her eyes look ENORMOUS.

She doesn’t see Button coming and when he gets close, Pin jumps high in the air and shouts, “MY GOODNESS, you gave me such a fright!” As well as being short sighted, Pin is also very jumpy and the slightest thing can put her head in a spin. After a few seconds she calms down and sees it’s Button.

“Hello My Lovely!” This is the greeting everyone gets from Pin.

“Do you need a ride in my bus?”

“No thank you Pin,” Button replies. “I’m off exploring.”

The next place Button passes is the school. Sometimes he sees Pearl, his teacher, in the school, even at the weekend. She loves her job and being busy-as-a-bee is always ready for Monday mornings. Button loves going to school to learn from Pearl. She taught him to read.

Patch the builder is tidying up at home. “Oh no not again!” he shouts out loudly. He is very clumsy. It has been known for Patch’s clumsiness to damage houses even more before he fixes them. Patch picks himself up and sees Button out of the window.

“Hello young Button, what are you up to?”

Button replies, “Morning Patch, I hope you’re OK after your fall. I’m enjoying the sunshine, exploring.”

“Well, I’m fine thank you. You have a good time Button, I have to get on with chores! Chop, chop then!” Button knows this means he better get a move on. Just as Button turns the corner to the High Street, he hears a loud CRASH from Patch’s house. Oh dear, he’s has fallen over again!

Now let me tell you about the High Street. Little Weave High Street is the centre of the village and the place where you can find Dazzle, the village Policeman. He’s very helpful.

Then there’s Hemmy’s hairdressers. She cuts everyone’s hair – but she’s also the village gossip. If you want to know anything that’s going on in Little Weave, go and see Hemmy!

Right next door to Hemmy’s place is Cotton’s shop. Button is always amazed at the range of things on sale. Cotton loves anything old and you can see this from what she wears and the items on sale in the shop.

At the end of the High Street is the hospital. Stitch the village nurse lives in the hospital. If you hurt yourself Stitch helps make you better. Stitch is very kind and will do anything for anyone.

So as Button walked into the High street, guess where Dazzle, Hemmy, Cotton and Stitch were all chatting?

If you guessed the hairdressers, you would be right! Hemmy had everyone in her place talking about what had been going on in Little Weave.

Button opened the door to the hairdressers and said, “Hello,” to everyone with a big smile.

Dazzle replied, “Good morning Button, I hope you are behaving yourself?” He was grinning because Button always behaves.

“Of course I am,” answers Button.

Button chatted to everyone and then cheerily said, “Bye! I’m off exploring, see you all soon!”

At the end of the High Street, Button left the road to walk alongside the Little Weave stream.

After a while Button could hear loud disco music coming from the manor house. Lord Tweed is famous for his love of disco music in Little Weave. He often invites the villagers to disco dancing in the manor. Even though Lord Tweed is old, he can still out-dance anyone in the village. Button tip-toed past so not to disturb Lord Tweed’s dancing, as he can get grumpy when people call at a bad time.

The final stop on Button’s journey was to see Cord, who looks after the village farm. Cord is very messy, but one of his passions is for poetry. Button really enjoys Cord’s poetry evenings and often takes along a new book of poems to read at the event.

Cord is in the farmyard feeding the animals. Button greets Cord and gets a loud reply, “I’m well thank you Button, how marvelous to see you.”

Button stops and helps him – it’s very hard working on a farm!

“Well done Button and thank you!” Cord says, as the last animal is fed.

It’s getting late and the yellow fabric Little Weave sun is setting.

Button skips home, has a dinner of carrots and water, reads a book, brushes his teeth and goes to bed. Button says quietly, “Today was a wonderful day.”  

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