A Smashing Good Time!

Submitted 17th of April 2019
Author Philia and fantastic drawings by Uwa from Edmonton Canada

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A Smashing Good Time!

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Button wakes up with his usual smile, stretch and shouts, “WHOPPEE!”

Every day is great in Little Weave. He goes downstairs opens the front door and to his surprise a massive Easter Egg is blocking the path.

“The Easter Bunny is so kind,” Button says to himself.

Button tries to lift the egg, but it’s too heavy. What should he do? “I Know,” he says. “I will call Patch the Pig, he’s really strong.”

Button calls Patch and within 10 minutes he arrives in his crane.

Patch strolls up the path to Button’s house with a big smile on his face. As he gets close to the front door he trips over and lands on the egg. It smashes into 100 pieces.

“Oh Patch, are you alright?” Button wants to make sure Patch hasn’t hurt himself.

“No, I’m OK thanks Button, I’m really sorry about your beautiful egg,” replies Patch.

“It’s OK Patch, it will be easier to carry now,” Button laughs as he replies.

Button and Patch carefully carry the pieces of egg into the house. Button has the wonderful idea of sharing it with his friends.

“That’s a wonderful idea Button,” mentions Patch. “We will use my crane to deliver the presents.”

Button and Patch divide the broken egg into 10 boxes, so everyone in Little Weave can have some. They load the presents onto Patch’s crane and drive around the village delivering the surprise gifts. All of their friends are very grateful.

After delivering the gifts, they both go back to Button’s house for dinner of carrots and strawberries. They talk to each other about the wonderful day they have had seeing all of their friends smile when they received the egg.

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