Story guidelines

Your short story can be on anything to do with the Little Weave characters. Use the Character's page for inspiration on their personalities, jobs and likes. You could also read the stories currently featured on the website to help. It can be aimed at any children's age, however Little Weave is primarily aimed at the younger ones. Adults and children can write the stories. The quality of the story and artwork will not inhibit it from being published.

Once you've written your story please upload here. Stories must be in a Word format and pictures scanned in jpeg, jpg or png format so that they are no larger than 1MB.

The author's name(s) will be displayed with your story, along with your home town. Please feel free to share your published stories with friends and family on social media.

Button the Rabbit Cotton the Cat Hemmy the Hen Cord the Cow Dazzle the Dog Pearl the Duck Lord Tweed the Goat Pin the Pony Patch the Pig Stitch the Sheep
Saying Whopee! Ta Ta The Bees Knees Marvelous Tip Top Toodle Pip Spiffing My Lovelies Chop Chop Tickerty Boo
Food 1 Carrots Corn Beetroot Porridge Peas Avocado Broccoli Cauliflower Turnip Tomatoes
Food 2 Strawberries Pears Grapes Potatoes Apples Bananas Mangoes Peaches Grapefruit Oranges
Sport Skipping Table Tennis Cycling Rugby Swimming Walking Cricket Tennis Football Jogging
Game Hopscotch Blowing Bubbles Croquet Puzzles Hide & Seek Painting Disco Dancing Exploring Nature Model Making Board Games
Interest Reading History Knitting Poetry Museums Ballet Antiques Gardening Crosswords Astrology
Characteristic 1 Jolly Old Fashioned Chatty Wise Trust worthy Enthusiastic Eccentric Short sighted Clumsy Caring
Characteristic 2 Adventurous Neat & tidy Perfectionist Messy Polite Worries a lot Grumpy Apprehensive Worries Generous
Job School Child Shop Keeper Hairdresser Farmer Police Officer School Teacher Lord of the Manor Bus Driver Builder Nurse

Button the Rabbit

Button is a jolly child and the lead character in Little Weave. He's adventurous, loves to skip whilst exploring the village and can be heard shouting ‘Whoopee’ when excited. At home Button reads all the time and enjoys playing hopscotch with friends. He loves to eat strawberries and carrots, yum yum!

Saying: Whopee!
Food 1: Carrots
Food 2: Strawberries
Sport: Skipping
Game: Hopscotch
Interest: Reading
Characterstic 1: Jolly
Characterstic 2: Adventurous
Job: School Child

Cotton the Cat

Cotton runs the village shop. She is always busy keeping it neat and tidy. Her way of saying goodbye to friends is to say ‘Ta Ta’. Everything about Cotton is old fashioned from the shop décor to clothes. She loves to learn about history. To relax Cotton plays table tennis with friends and blows bubbles. Her favourite foods are corn and pears.

Saying: Ta Ta
Food 1: Corn
Food 2: Pears
Sport: Table Tennis
Game: Blowing Bubbles
Interest: History
Characterstic 1: Old Fashioned
Characterstic 2: Neat & tidy
Job: Shop Keeper

Hemmy the Hen

Hemmy likes everything to be perfect and when finishing a haircut will say ‘The Bees Knees’. She is a chatterbox and loves talking to anyone. There is very little she doesn’t know about what's going on in the village. To get around and visit friends, she uses her bike. At home Hemmy will play croquet and Knit. Everyone in Little Weave has an item of clothing knitted by her. Hemmy's favourite foods are beetroot and grapes.

Saying: The Bees Knees
Food 1: Beetroot
Food 2: Grapes
Sport: Cycling
Game: Croquet
Interest: Knitting
Characterstic 1: Chatty
Characterstic 2: Perfectionist
Job: Hairdresser

Cord the Cow

Cord the farmer is a larger than life character who always uses the term 'Marvellous'. He loves to eat lots of potatoes and porridge. Friends talk to Cord as he is wise and regularly recites poetry. His farm is very messy and he constantly looses things. To relax Cord does puzzles and enjoys playing rugby.

Saying: Marvelous
Food 1: Porridge
Food 2: Potatoes
Sport: Rugby
Game: Puzzles
Interest: Poetry
Characterstic 1: Wise
Characterstic 2: Messy
Job: Farmer

Dazzle the Dog

As the local police officer, Dazzle ensures everyone behaves themselves in Little Weave. He is very polite and is known for keeping his promises. Dazzle will always say ‘Tip Top’ when he meets villagers. For fun he plays hide and seek with friends. Dazzle also enjoys swimming and visiting museums to learn more. His favourite foods are apples and peas.

Saying: Tip Top
Food 1: Peas
Food 2: Apples
Sport: Swimming
Game: Hide & Seek
Interest: Museums
Characterstic 1: Trust worthy
Characterstic 2: Polite
Job: Police Officer

Pearl the Duck

Everyone looks up to Pearl as she doesn't let her worrying get in the way of being an enthusiastic school teacher. For relaxation she loves to put on her ballet shoes for a few pirouettes around the garden or create a painting. At the end of the school day Pearl will always say ‘Toodle Pip’ to her pupils. After school she will take a brisk walk around Little Weave. He favourite foods are avocados and bananas.

Saying: Toodle Pip
Food 1: Avocado
Food 2: Bananas
Sport: Walking
Game: Painting
Interest: Ballet
Characterstic 1: Enthusiastic
Characterstic 2: Worries a lot
Job: School Teacher

Lord Tweed the Goat

Lord Tweed’s family has been living in Little Weave Manor for centuries. Their portraits are on display all over the house. His interests or eccentricities, as friends call them, vary from cricket and antiques to disco dancing. His dance moves are famous in the village. He always says ‘Spiffing’ when something is good. Lord Tweed can also be grumpy if he is unhappy or tired. He enjoys eating mangoes and broccoli.

Saying: Spiffing
Food 1: Broccoli
Food 2: Mangoes
Sport: Cricket
Game: Disco Dancing
Interest: Antiques
Characterstic 1: Eccentric
Characterstic 2: Grumpy
Job: Lord of the Manor

Pin the Pony

The villagers are always nervous when Pin is driving her bus as she is apprehensive and short sighted. Her vision is corrected by wearing think glasses that magnify her eyes. She is a very kind person who calls everyone ‘My Lovelies’. Pin has a passion for her garden where she grows sweet smelling flowers and her favourite food, cauliflower and peaches. You can also find her exploring the local countryside. At home Pin is lucky enough to have a tennis court in her garden and always enjoys playing a game with friends.

Saying: My Lovelies
Food 1: Cauliflower
Food 2: Peaches
Sport: Tennis
Game: Exploring Nature
Interest: Gardening
Characterstic 1: Short sighted
Characterstic 2: Apprehensive
Job: Bus Driver

Patch the Pig

Patch is always busy with building work. As everything in Little Weave is fabric stitched together, his skills are in fixing tears. Patch has been known to make jobs worse before fixing them, as he is clumsy! For fun he loves watching the Little Weave football team, making detailed models of anything and testing his knowledge with crosswords. As Patch is always late, he gets stressed a lot and says to himself ‘Chop Chop’! To keep his energy levels up he loves to eat grapefruit and turnips.

Saying: Chop Chop
Food 1: Turnip
Food 2: Grapefruit
Sport: Football
Game: Model Making
Interest: Crosswords
Characterstic 1: Clumsy
Characterstic 2: Worries
Job: Builder

Stitch the Sheep

As the village nurse, Stitch is a caring soul. She will always say ‘Tickerty Boo’ after her care has made someone better. Stitch's generous nature is always on show, especially when she plays board games, as she let's others win! To stay fit, Stitch loves to jog. On a clear night she looks at the sky through her telescope. For food, Stitch will always eat oranges and tomatoes.

Saying: Tickerty Boo
Food 1: Tomatoes
Food 2: Oranges
Sport: Jogging
Game: Board Games
Interest: Astrology
Characterstic 1: Caring
Characterstic 2: Generous
Job: Nurse

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