Pearl the Duck

Pearl the Duck

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Everyone looks up to Pearl as she doesn't let her worrying get in the way of being an enthusiastic school teacher. For relaxation she loves to put on her ballet shoes for a few pirouettes around the garden or create a painting. At the end of the school day Pearl will always say ‘Toodle Pip’ to her pupils. After school she will take a brisk walk around Little Weave. He favourite foods are avocados and bananas.

Saying: Toodle Pip
Food 1: Avocado
Food 2: Bananas
Sport: Walking
Game: Painting
Interest: Ballet
Characterstic 1: Enthusiastic
Characterstic 2: Worries a lot
Job: School Teacher


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Staying Happy Whilst Staying Apart

It’s very strange times in Little Weave, an illness has meant that no one can meet up and as everyone lives alone, Button and friends have been finding new ways of having fun.
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The Sun is Shining!

With the sun shining in Little Weave, Cotton the Cat organises a fun party for her friends by the village stream.
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The Snowy Surprise!

Every morning, the first thing Dazzle does is open the curtains and stretch. Today was very different. As he opens the curtains he stops and looks outside again. The buildings and ground all over Little Weave are covered in snow.

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